Your advantages with aqua blue®

  • the installation is easy, free of charge and the system is maintenance-free
  • pleasantly tasting and fresh water directly out from your tap
  • pleasantly smooth water for showering and taking a bath
  • soft skin and velvety soft hair
  • less lime scale and rust: Protects pipes and household devices
  • it enhances the taste by other nuances and vegetables stay fresh for a longer period
  • protective for our environment

aqua blue® products

The natural arrangement of good spring water is destroyed by the unnatural treatment during processing (chemical additives, filtering, radiation) and transport (high pressure, long ways). The spring water loses its quality, freshness and dissolving power but also suffers in taste.

aqua blue® erzeugt ein physikalisches Feld von Schwingungsmustern, die das Wasser anregen, sich wieder zu ordnen. Das Wasser hat wieder seine ursprüngliche Qualität und Frische, die man sehen, schmecken und messen kann. 

Wir haben eine ganze Reihe von Geräten entwickelt, die auf den jeweiligen Einsatzbereich abgestimmt sind.Hier finden Sie die verschiedenen Geräte und weitere Informationen:

Apartments and houses Trade and industry

Swimming Pools Water Dispenser with fixed water supply

Bottles made of stainless steel

Water is life


"Water is a precious and essential good for nature and human."


Our vision is to create water for everyone: Humans, animals, plants and the earth. We have developed and produced devices for drinking water, trade, industry, but also for sewage water treatment and water treatment for over 10 years.

We offer solutions for water quality problems in all areas and achieve a "win-win" situation for all participants. Thereby the quality is very important to us: For the user, the products, the company and last but not least for the water as presious environmental good.

We refine and clean water due to our innovative solutions (technology and service). We convey our partners the competence in water relating to human, nature and technology.

Our aqua blue® devices are entirely produced and manufactured in Germany.

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